We warmly welcome the visitors to our KBC official website. We serve you with all the latest news about the KBC. Here you will find all the accurate, reliable, relevant, and authentic information. 

Our customer support service

We have organized an efficient system for our customers to support them with the number available on our website. Giving you first-hand information, the new center has been developed to facilitate all KBC official website.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of our newly updated website where you can access all information for KBC lottery winners 2020. 

Claim for prize money

The website helps all the simply claim their prize money without any difficulty. Our official KBC Head Office number is available here 0019188444454 to call us at any time for any sort of query. We will love to serve you. 

There are many scammers around you so just protect yourself from monetary losses by relying on the messages or calls you receive from our KBC official number. Moreover, if you want to ask anything about the KBC lucky draw and winning-prize money, then only find our website and our KBC contact number 2020 for reliable help. 

No need to buy a ticket number

Offering you the biggest prize 700,000 in the history of KBC lottery, any Indian with a valid sim card can be a part of this popular online game show.

As your mobile number is already registered in KBC Lucky Draw, now any India does not need to buy ticket number to get a chance to win the prize at KBC lottery winner. 

Just keep your sim recharged

All adults’ Indian males and females with a valid SIM card are automatically qualified to be a part of KBC lucky draw winner list. For getting more and more chances of winning KBC lucky draw winner 2020 or JIO lottery winners, you have to just keep your sim cards recharged. 

Time-period of prize announcement

It’s big news for all the desiring Indian candidates that the lucky draw winners of the KBC will be held twice every month. The dates of the announcement for the jio lucky draw winner are the 15th and 30th of each month.   

Resolving your difficulties

We have been receiving complaints about the difficulties involved in the process of claiming the prize money won in the KBC lucky draw 2020, so we have made the process efficient. 

Now you can easily check the latest updates on this website and even call on us on the KBC Head Office number 0019188444454. It’s truly a smart solution for claiming the prize money. Just pick up your phone. 


There have been certain reports where KBC winners 2020 have received fraudulent calls and we have come to know that these are Pakistani scammers who try to monetarily harm the winner of the KBC lucky draw 2020. They claim to you that they are the officials of the KBC but you have to be vigilant. 

It is hereby requested to all KBC winner to never respond to any malicious and fraudulent call which code starts with +921****; a Pakistani code.

Here is the official number of the KBC Head Office: 0019188444454. You can recheck by asking anything freely on this number. 

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