Airtel Lottery Winner 2020

Airtel Lottery Winner 2020

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Big lotteries impart a social change in an individual’s life. There are some lucky moments that completely alter the graph of living. Because when you get the money it doesn’t stop where it presently is. The time-value-of-money factor establishes the foundation and grows up its roots for kissing the sky. 

The prize money elevates investment opportunities for the winners which leads to the betterment in their lives. Contrarily, when you have a lottery, you can not be completely sure about a win. It is totally up to your luck. 

Magic of sims

We all have heard the magical stories in our childhood. I also have one in my mind right now. It was a sort of story which had a little magical impact where a man in beard used to utter some words “khul ja sim sim” (open sim sim) to get the gold-filled cave magically opened. 

KBC (Kaun Banega crorepati) is the biggest game show in India which is now connected with Airtel sim company. The show offers you to buy Airtel sim and get automatically registered with Airtel lottery winners . Here you don’t have to call “khul ja sim sim”, but you have to keep your Airtel sims always recharged for increasing your winning possibilities. 

Scammers’ attack  

As you win a big money prize, scammers and frauds move around you and find different ways to monetarily harm you. They usually make fake calls and pretend to be the officials. They ask your general information and bank information. They are actually trained and experience in cheating so that it becomes difficult for everyone to recognize the true face. 

In these types of situations, you just have to trust and rely on the official numbers given on a website of these game shows. Anyhow you can not leak your information on a phone call. You should be smart enough to track those numbers and protect yourself from monetary losses. 



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