All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition

All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition

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Sometimes your fortune comes over your effort. But it certainly happens “sometimes” and with “some peoples” otherwise your efforts solely have a strong base to stand you up. But, you can not leave your lucks untested. Everyone has to try their luck to get something extra-beneficial in their life.

It becomes less risky and more chanceful when it comes to KBC offered lucky draw competition through sim cards. It gives chances to all the Indians; whether living in urban centres or rural areas. This lucky draw competition is for all who wants to participate in it. 

Easy participation

KBC is a famous game show airing for years because of the charming personality of Amitab Bachan and the concept the show brought to the people where they are questioned for the prize-money. But now with the collaboration of sim cards companies, this game show is reachable to every person. 

It has become simple for everyone living in India to participate in this game show and be a millionaire. It a simple process of participation, Indians just have to purchase a registered sim card and the system will automatically generate your name for the lucky draw competition. 

Increased winning chances 

When national players, relating to any sport or game, have to play for a competition, they first analyze the strength and weakness of the entire team and also measure the chances of winning. But if any game totally depends on luck, then you can never calculate the winning chance. 

Then even the KBC sim card lucky draw competition gives you much increased winning chances. In every month, it ballots out two lucky winners subsequently after every 15th day. The system the game show has created, it elevates the probability of winning. This requires you to just keep your sim cards always recharged. 



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