All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition

All India Sim Card Lucky Draw Competition

Posted by Imran

Sometimes your fortune comes over your effort. But it certainly happens “sometimes” and with “some peoples” otherwise your efforts solely have a strong base to stand you up. But, you can not leave your lucks untested. Everyone has to try their luck to get something extra-beneficial in their life.

It becomes less risky and more chanceful when it comes to KBC offered lucky draw competition through sim cards. It gives chances to all the Indians; whether living in urban centres or rural areas. This lucky draw competition is for all who wants to participate in it. 

Easy participation

KBC is a famous game show airing for years because of the charming personality of Amitab Bachan and the concept the show brought to the people where they are questioned for the prize-money. But now with the collaboration of sim cards companies, this game show is reachable to every person. 

It has become simple for everyone living in India to participate in this game show and be a millionaire. It a simple process of participation, Indians just have to purchase a registered sim card and the system will automatically generate your name for the lucky draw competition. 

Increased winning chances 

When national players, relating to any sport or game, have to play for a competition, they first analyze the strength and weakness of the entire team and also measure the chances of winning. But if any game totally depends on luck, then you can never calculate the winning chance. 

Then even the KBC sim card lucky draw competition gives you much increased winning chances. In every month, it ballots out two lucky winners subsequently after every 15th day. The system the game show has created, it elevates the probability of winning. This requires you to just keep your sim cards always recharged. 



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  • Sirazuddin Wednesday 18th, 2020 am31 01:34 am 107
  • Radheshyam Saturday 21st, 2020 pm31 03:43 pm Rana partap
  • Aurangzeb Sunday 22nd, 2020 pm31 09:15 pm Hi
  • NITISH KUMAR KUMAR Sunday 05th, 2020 pm30 06:25 pm I want to play game
  • Amit kumar Sunday 05th, 2020 pm30 08:47 pm Lottry no 8991
  • Mukesh Kumar Thursday 09th, 2020 am30 10:58 am Kbc lotri
  • Mukesh Kumar Thursday 09th, 2020 am30 11:10 am Kbc winners
  • Mohd Asghar Malik Tuesday 14th, 2020 pm30 09:50 pm I need money and want to win lucky draw
  • RAYAZ AHMED MALIK Monday 27th, 2020 pm30 09:40 pm 6005167409 Check louky draw
  • Lahsan Tuesday 28th, 2020 am30 02:37 am Kay choad macha rakha jai lavdo
  • Abhay Tuesday 28th, 2020 am30 08:00 am How can i participate in this lucky draw, my mobile number 8888868174
  • Devinder suri Monday 04th, 2020 pm31 03:16 pm Sim card lucky draw
  • Ravinder kumar Thursday 07th, 2020 am31 08:01 am I want play
  • Vrashesh Trivedi Monday 11th, 2020 pm31 06:53 pm I am social workers
  • MD MONIRUDDIN HAZARY Friday 22nd, 2020 am31 04:20 am Is it possible that my mobile number is selected for Rs 25lakhs, and some send me whatapps message via WhatsApp number +447451206727, and asked me to call at WhatsApp number at 8528036114, as he insisted me too call in numbers, who is the Sbi Branch manager, Mumbai
  • BHARAT DHAYAL Friday 22nd, 2020 am31 09:43 am I asking for the my SIM card in winer or not winer
  • Sanjay kumar soorywanshi Thursday 28th, 2020 pm31 01:02 pm Winner
  • Shrikant Sunday 31st, 2020 pm31 10:25 pm My WhatsApp massage come to the you win 25 lacks This is right or wrong
  • Madhu Wednesday 03rd, 2020 pm30 02:16 pm I am madhu msg
  • Arbaz khan Thursday 04th, 2020 am30 07:29 am Lucky
  • Jeetu Saturday 06th, 2020 am30 05:38 am 7340132490 per lotry he kya
  • Bablusingh Monday 08th, 2020 pm30 11:20 pm My. Lottery. No. 3340
  • James chambugong Wednesday 10th, 2020 pm30 04:17 pm Name -james chambugong. I am samples daibar. phone -01770771633. 12Progoti soroni block-j baridhara Dhaka 1212
  • Nitin Friday 12th, 2020 am30 01:06 am LottNo. 0017
  • Pritam singh Friday 12th, 2020 pm30 08:25 pm sir mujhe company ki taraf Se call ayi thi ki meri lottery lgi hai Wo mujhe 12200 rupes mang rahe hn mujhe check krna hai lgi hai kya meri lottery
  • Dharmendra patidar Sunday 14th, 2020 pm30 06:44 pm Sir muje company ki tarf se msg aa ya tha ki muje 2500000 ki lotari lagi he aap batao ki lagi he ke NHI lagi he mere lotarey number 0786 he
  • Mrityunjoy Ray Monday 15th, 2020 pm30 04:17 pm My a question that is it right ?
  • Sunil Monday 15th, 2020 pm30 10:03 pm My lottary no is 8899is it real or fake kindly tell me
  • Baldau Wednesday 17th, 2020 am30 09:34 am I'm winner all India sim card 2020
  • Omar Faruk Mondal Wednesday 17th, 2020 pm30 11:24 pm I'm a winner
  • Rasetty Arun kumar Thursday 18th, 2020 am30 10:54 am Lottery number checking 9502433542
  • Nitesh Saturday 20th, 2020 pm30 07:30 pm 5665 Lotrree number right h ya wrong
  • Nitesh Saturday 20th, 2020 pm30 07:30 pm 5665 Lotrree number right h ya wrong
  • Sonupavar Saturday 20th, 2020 pm30 08:04 pm John bhai how achcha ho
  • Manjeet kohli Tuesday 23rd, 2020 pm30 02:17 pm Mai Dua karata hu Jo bhi jitna chahta hai bhaghwaan uski manokaamna Puri kare.
  • Rajib Pegu Tuesday 23rd, 2020 pm30 07:50 pm Lottery no 1198
  • Ajay Wednesday 24th, 2020 am30 11:10 am Congratulations lottery number 1122 right ya wrong
  • Vallepu Somasekhar Friday 26th, 2020 pm30 08:18 pm 9505313058
  • Manisha mandrawal Saturday 27th, 2020 pm30 12:21 pm Lottery lagi
  • Chandandhal Saturday 27th, 2020 pm30 10:33 pm 99000
  • Nur alom Monday 29th, 2020 pm30 11:22 pm Mera Paytm per do
  • Rajveer Singh Tuesday 30th, 2020 am30 09:53 am Plastic scrap
  • Abhi Thakur Tuesday 30th, 2020 pm30 06:34 pm Sir mujhe ek whatsapp par message aaya ki aap all India sim card lucky draw competition jite Hain jismein aapko 25 lakh ki lottery I hai main sar confirm karna chahta hun ki yah real hai ki kisi ne fake message bheja hai
  • Keval Kumar Tuesday 30th, 2020 pm30 06:40 pm Mujhe kuchh pana hai
  • Manish Wednesday 01st, 2020 pm31 03:02 pm Hii
  • Sanvidhan tayde Wednesday 01st, 2020 pm31 08:32 pm 0022
  • Nareshkumarvaishnav Thursday 02nd, 2020 am31 01:36 am Sir please check me my number MessageAayaKiAapLuckyDrawWinnerJiteHainPleaseSirConformMessaage
  • Rajkumar. Lalan. Sharma Thursday 02nd, 2020 pm31 01:01 pm My lottry no 1001069 real ya fake plz reply me
  • Rajesh Kumar Thursday 02nd, 2020 pm31 11:21 pm Sir,please check WhatsApp number 9931520834 lottery number 0122
  • Rupinder kaur Friday 03rd, 2020 pm31 10:35 pm What is the lottery no of rupinder kaur in 2019
  • Kaluram Saturday 04th, 2020 pm31 03:40 pm Hii
  • Rajesh Kumar Saturday 04th, 2020 pm31 04:29 pm Sir.plese chek my WhatsApp number
  • Anand Saturday 04th, 2020 pm31 08:28 pm hi kbc
  • Sudarshan Rana Sunday 05th, 2020 am31 12:55 am Sir, Mera jioNo. 6005244618 hai mere pass many whatsapp call or paisa mag rahe Sir please confirm the same jio no I have win the all India jio sim card winner.
  • Arjun chavan Thursday 09th, 2020 am31 10:23 am I want to participate lucky draw sim card competition
  • IQBAL RAJJAK ATTAR Thursday 09th, 2020 pm31 12:25 pm Sir I interested lucky draw competition pls join me this competition
  • Dharmendr dubey Thursday 09th, 2020 pm31 01:46 pm Kya mere number 7471175839 koe lottery lagi hai kya mujhe jankari de mere pas call aaya hai mujhe infrom kre Tq
  • Tajemu Hoque Friday 10th, 2020 pm31 09:19 pm Lotary number 204
  • Samreena jan Saturday 11th, 2020 am31 07:50 am Mujai whatsapp mai message aur ki mainai sim card luck draw mai 25 lakh ki lottery jeete hai.mai kashmir zila baramulla tehsil pattan sai hoon
  • Rajdeep Sardar Saturday 11th, 2020 am31 10:19 am Hum lottery participants Karn haa
  • Sudarshan Rana Saturday 11th, 2020 pm31 03:58 pm Sir. My Jio no.6005244618, I recently two place received a fake whatsapp message you are win 25 lacs for all india jio shim card, sir, clarify the winner and intimate me through massage. Thanking you.
  • Pradeep Saturday 11th, 2020 pm31 06:43 pm Mere number par call a raha hai kbc bale bol rai hain
  • Abuzar Sunday 12th, 2020 am31 09:05 am My lottery number check me please sir 1001070
  • GANGARAM M JAGADALI Sunday 12th, 2020 pm31 04:13 pm Lottery sach hai kya nahin
  • ABADURRHAMAN Monday 13th, 2020 pm31 02:20 pm Sir. My artel nimber 8528111382, I recently two place received a fake whatsapp message you are win 25 lacs for all india artel shim card, sir, clarify the winner and intimate me through massage. Thanking you. and my lottery NUMBER 7733 RANA PRTAP SINGH NE CALL KIYA THA
  • Dinesh sakate Monday 13th, 2020 pm31 03:28 pm Sir muje kbc ke trafse whatsapp cal haya hai mera no winar hai kya he sach hai
  • Dinesh sakate Monday 13th, 2020 pm31 03:28 pm Sir muje kbc ke trafse whatsapp cal haya hai mera no winar hai kya he sach hai
  • Sudarshan Rana Monday 13th, 2020 pm31 11:08 pm In
  • Ritu Bala Tuesday 14th, 2020 am31 10:21 am hlo
  • Debojyoti Banerjee Wednesday 15th, 2020 am31 08:54 am Hello sir, I got a call from a WhatsApp number (923366148669) this morning saying that my phone number has a lottery. He told me to call with another number, that is the number of the bank manager (8670156929). I called that number and asked for my bank account number but I couldn't believe it. You tell me whether this incident is true or false. Do I like the lottery
  • mukesh soni Wednesday 15th, 2020 am31 10:31 am Mere 9549312490 he is par aaj subh ek whatsapp mesg aya ki appki 25 lac ki lottry lagi he kya ye bat sahi he
  • Varghese mathai Wednesday 15th, 2020 pm31 04:43 pm Sir my lottery number 0015 it's win or fake?
  • Parul Wednesday 15th, 2020 pm31 09:15 pm Lottery no 1133 is ture or not .or just making fool of the people
  • sukhchian.singh Thursday 16th, 2020 pm31 08:50 pm Sar meri lottery nikal
  • Razz suraj Friday 17th, 2020 am31 11:41 am Myy lucky fraw
  • Khoman Friday 17th, 2020 pm31 01:38 pm Mera lottery nikli hai
  • Prasenjit dey Saturday 18th, 2020 am31 06:55 am Please
  • Parvesh Sunday 19th, 2020 am31 09:29 am Sir plz check my what's ap number
  • Ajeet Singh Sunday 19th, 2020 pm31 09:17 pm 8580459155
  • Mayuri shravan pagare Wednesday 22nd, 2020 pm31 04:42 pm Kya such mai lottery Laga hai
  • Ramsanjivan Wednesday 22nd, 2020 pm31 09:06 pm I have watsap massage my 250000laks lottery lagi ha kya ya such ha Muja vishwas nahi ha ya fack ha
  • Ravinder Kumar Friday 24th, 2020 am31 10:08 am Sir mra what's no ye h 8595273378
  • Suneet kumar Saturday 25th, 2020 am31 12:21 am Sir i have received aa message of winning of price 25lack which said it is from your side So plz send me clarification
  • Ranjan thakor Monday 27th, 2020 pm31 06:55 pm I receive message from kbc that say I win this competition please answer me that I'm win or not
  • Avika Awasthi Tuesday 28th, 2020 pm31 02:34 pm Sir mujhe 25 lakh ki lottery ka message aya mujhe btaye such h ya nhi 7082973814 WhatsApp no. Se aya h
  • Nitish sahu Wednesday 29th, 2020 pm31 01:24 pm Mujhe lucky sim card draw me 25 lack jitne vala video aaya hai kya ye sahi hai lottery no. 0223 whatsApp no. 7067040925
  • Aman Wednesday 29th, 2020 pm31 01:51 pm Lottery no.1125
  • Sonam devi Wednesday 29th, 2020 pm31 05:29 pm Sir mera no.8949510118 kya sim lucky drow me chuna gaya h mera lottery no.0089 h sir btana please
  • Sonam sonam Thursday 30th, 2020 pm31 02:21 pm Sir mera name sonam ha mera no 6005059914 mera lottery no 3433
  • Bhikharam Mali Friday 31st, 2020 pm31 01:24 pm Free 89 bhuta basti asana sayala Jalore Rajasthan pin code number 343022
  • Gajanan Suralkar Monday 03rd, 2020 pm31 09:08 pm Gajanan
  • Abutalha Thursday 06th, 2020 pm31 07:52 pm My lottree number 332299
  • Jaswant Kumar Thursday 06th, 2020 pm31 08:41 pm Please send me
  • Ansh Patel Friday 07th, 2020 am31 06:26 am 2211
  • Radha madhavi Friday 07th, 2020 am31 10:13 am My lottery no is 0492
  • Neehu Monday 10th, 2020 pm31 10:34 pm Mera lucky draw number 9508 h Btayiye faq h kya
  • Pratima gautam barwe Wednesday 12th, 2020 am31 11:04 am Sir my lotery no is 1001076 Kya aap bta sakte ho me winner hu kinhi Q ki aapki official website mujhe 2500000 lakh ka winner bata rhi h
  • Sahezad khan Wednesday 12th, 2020 pm31 11:10 pm 8511400604.... lottery no. 4455 Is it all right or wrong
  • Chhaganlal Thursday 13th, 2020 am31 03:23 am Mera nam chhaganlal he or me churu Rajasthan se rahnewala Hu sar Mera mobile number WhatsApp nambar 9672619133 he or mhuje lottery numbers 1001061hepal my sir
  • Dhirajkumar Thursday 13th, 2020 am31 07:00 am Kal hum ko phone aaya ki aapka lottery laga h aur bola ki aapka lottery no-7709 h
  • Sachin ahirwar Thursday 13th, 2020 am31 07:17 am sir mera lottery lga h sms Aaya tha whatsapp pr kya Shi h sir Jio. 9691336105
  • Prashant selare Sunday 16th, 2020 pm31 10:44 pm 8900 lottery no.hai kya mujhe msg.aaya hai aaj
  • Khushbu kumari Tuesday 18th, 2020 am31 07:55 am 89961
  • Muginder singh Wednesday 19th, 2020 pm31 12:49 pm Sir mujhe whatsaap per ek massege aya jiame mujhe bola geya hai k aap all india sin competition k winner bane hai sir mai iss baat ko confor. Krna chahta hoon or sir jiss no. Per mujhe phone aya vo no. Hai +919613380002
  • Hariom Wednesday 19th, 2020 pm31 03:02 pm Please check and help me
  • Pragya jaiswal Saturday 22nd, 2020 pm31 01:17 pm My msg is that to win kbc
  • Sibin john Saturday 22nd, 2020 pm31 05:15 pm Registration
  • Vikram Bhagdiya Saturday 22nd, 2020 pm31 08:30 pm Mere pass is no. 9111303136 Se call aya tha sir m to koi competition m participate nahi kiya hu phir ye KBC winner wala kon send kiya h or is me code 0026 likh kr bheje h ye sahi h a galat aap bataiye
  • Chavda Bhaveesh Monday 24th, 2020 pm31 10:32 pm My whatsapp no 7874788426 hai or mera lottery no 1001077 bata rahe hai kya sicch hai ya galat hai
  • Abu mohammod sadulla barbhuiya Wednesday 26th, 2020 pm31 12:08 pm An whatsapp message nd call came to my jio number that I got 25 lacks of rupees , is it real aur fake . Reply me please sir
  • Rupinder Kaur Wednesday 26th, 2020 pm31 03:52 pm Fake aa kyea
  • Bharathi Wednesday 26th, 2020 pm31 09:52 pm My whatsapp number 7878376540 he Or my lottery numbers 0881 Mere number par msg aaya da or images pi da So ye real ya fake he Please reply me
  • Saroj Rana Friday 28th, 2020 pm31 12:03 pm 8260598971 lottery no.7382
  • Sourabhpatel Sunday 30th, 2020 pm31 06:24 pm 6267314046 iss number prr Kya lottery hai
  • Mr Rana Pratab Singh Monday 31st, 2020 am31 06:37 am Congratulations..!! Congratulations..!! Dear esteemed lucky winner in 2020 Your Mobile number has been Selected as Five Country International lucky draw in 2020. You have won the 25,00.000 lakhs rupees. Your loterry file number is .8991. If you want to get this loterry prize please contact Manager Rana Pratap Singh. Please Contact: Main Head Office Call on WhatsApp Manager Pratap Singh +916309770343 9908543515
  • Shaik mohammad siddiq Wednesday 02nd, 2020 pm30 04:21 pm Hilp please please sir
  • ravikant Thursday 03rd, 2020 am30 04:59 am Kya mera luky nomber nikla hai
  • Thombare yogita Thursday 03rd, 2020 pm30 01:39 pm Muze call aya hai aur bola aap ka Lucy number hai sach mai ye fack hai ya sahi hai ...bataoo plzzz7788ye mera litres no hai
  • Narayan Khatiwada Friday 04th, 2020 am30 10:19 am Mara ya he lottery no332299
  • Lalita Friday 04th, 2020 pm30 12:02 pm Sirji.mere Wattsapp no. 8899110007 per 25lakh ki lottery uska no 7766 Ye hai. Yeah fraud hai ya real
  • Amrut gavit Friday 04th, 2020 pm30 07:28 pm 1616 ye mera lottery number hai mujhe whatsup pe message aaya tha ye sach hai ya jhut
  • prakash Saturday 05th, 2020 pm30 12:39 pm i got call for win lottery, is this true
  • Lalit prasad Monday 07th, 2020 pm30 01:24 pm I have got the whataaps lottery in my whataaps no I want to now is ture ya farud msg my lottery no is 0022
  • Lalit prasad Monday 07th, 2020 pm30 01:24 pm I have got the whataaps lottery in my whataaps no I want to now is ture ya farud msg my lottery no is 0022
  • Bhisham Monday 07th, 2020 pm30 08:28 pm I got the watsapp lorry in my watsapp no. I won't no this is real ya frud this is my lorry no. 33355
  • Katore priyanka Tuesday 08th, 2020 pm30 01:09 pm Kya mera no aya hai lucky draw me
  • Laksmanan Tuesday 08th, 2020 pm30 05:35 pm Sir may Rs 1, 47, 970 pay kiya likin apithak no amount mila nikiya... plzz help me
  • Rajkumar Wednesday 09th, 2020 am30 08:19 am Sir mera lottery numbers 1001080 ha kay lucky draw m ha kay
  • Pradeep kumar Wednesday 09th, 2020 pm30 12:45 pm I want to play
  • Shivam dhall Wednesday 09th, 2020 pm30 09:01 pm I got a message about a lottery I won, which I was not informed before about. It says 2500000 is the amount. Ticket number is 315. Can you confirm this?
  • Shivam gupta Thursday 10th, 2020 pm30 03:25 pm I am kbc winning 25000000 lac
  • Ajaib singh Thursday 10th, 2020 pm30 07:01 pm Plz check my whatsapp number 9878397411
  • pratiksha potale Friday 11th, 2020 pm30 01:15 pm above subject right or wrong
  • Ali.hussain.laskar Monday 14th, 2020 pm30 08:00 pm Hi
  • Ajay Kumar Tuesday 15th, 2020 pm30 01:00 pm Sir ji namskar kal muje phone aaya tha ki aapko 2500000 ka inaam lga hai kya ye sch hai
  • dunger singh Thursday 17th, 2020 pm30 01:47 pm ji namaste sir aaj muje kbc ki tarf se sms aaya tha ki apki 2500000 ki lottery lgi h yh sach h kya?
  • Pawar Narayan Baban Friday 18th, 2020 am30 11:21 am Sim card lottery msg just coming on my whts app number thats whts going on
  • Ramjit Singh Sunday 20th, 2020 pm30 05:59 pm Sir mera lottery numbers 8992 ha kay lucky draw m ha kay.
  • Ramjit Singh Sunday 20th, 2020 pm30 06:00 pm Sir mera lottery numbers 8992 ha kay lucky draw m ha kay.
  • Shah Jamal Monday 21st, 2020 pm30 09:16 pm Sir Mera pass watshop pe call aya tha Mera lottery laga 25 lakh lottery no 0044 or 9075 plis confirm koriye mere se 22 hajar rupya many Raha he
  • Shyam Tuesday 22nd, 2020 am30 11:05 am My lottery no.0099 for 25 lakh is it true or fake.please confirm and reply
  • Subrata barman Tuesday 22nd, 2020 pm30 11:37 pm Sar Mera latari 3344 nambar he is esnamdar pe kbc lotari lakchu ka he sar piz boliye sar

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