How to claim KBC 25 Lakh Lottery Prize Online?

How to claim KBC 25 Lakh Lottery Prize Online?

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Claiming the KBC winner prize 2021 is as simple as having grapes. You just need to pick up your phone and call on an official KBC Head Office number given on a website. Obviously, everyone wants something extra in their lives, so if they get prize money in the form of lottery or having their names called out in a lucky draw, it certainly a bonus for them. 

In India, there is a general perception of buying lotteries. People invest more on lotteries and test their luck. It’s been years KBC escalated its fame and every single person knows the name of this show. Many people have won millions of rupees but now its favors are reachable to every individual living in India. 

The system it has created with the amalgamation of the sim cards companies, like Vodaphone, Jio, Reliance, Airtel etc is remarkable, where people get registered without any effort. They just have to buy the registered sim card on their names for the registration in the game show and keep it recharged for maximizing the winning chances.  

Big opportunity

Mostly, people run behind opportunities and struggle to get it but if the opportunities come behind you then it's truly a golden chance, don’t miss it. KBC lucky draw is also a golden opportunity for all the Indians who wish to try their fortunes for money. It is also offering two chances every month. Now the participants can qualify for the biggest prize twice a month. 

Claim money with ease 

There are many unreliable game shows who do not pay the prizes won by its participants or make a complicated system for claiming the prize. They may have bad intentions and run the game show to profit themselves. But the KBC is widely recognized and trusted show in entire India. It maintains a simplistic process for the lucky draw winners 2021 where the lucky winners have just to make a call for claiming their prize money and further process will move on smoothly and they will get their prize money easily. 



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  • Siddharth Dwivedi Monday 15th, 2020 am30 07:13 am
  • Shaileshbhai Sunday 21st, 2020 am30 08:46 am Hsgdfjis Hdjfj
  • Chander Bhan Monday 22nd, 2020 pm30 09:15 pm Lotyree
  • Sanjay kumar poddar Friday 26th, 2020 pm30 02:39 pm Mahasy kbc me Mere go mo .no 9123199894 ka jankari chahoye
  • Ashok maurya Friday 17th, 2020 pm31 04:05 pm I am winar 2500000
  • Mr.surajrai Saturday 18th, 2020 pm31 05:39 pm I am happy
  • Shahnawaz khan Wednesday 05th, 2020 pm31 10:16 pm Lottery winners ho par abhi mujhe Vishwas nahi ho raha hai
  • Bipin Ghimire Monday 10th, 2020 pm31 03:43 pm Lottery number 1001075
  • Amendra Darnal Tuesday 01st, 2020 pm30 02:34 pm I have win rs 2500000 but I can't give a tax of rs 20000 so what can I do to claim my money? ? Answer me plzz
  • Amendra Darnal Tuesday 01st, 2020 pm30 02:34 pm I have win rs 2500000 but I can't give a tax of rs 20000 so what can I do to claim my money? ? Answer me plzz
  • Mohityadav Tuesday 08th, 2020 pm30 02:18 pm Mohityadav
  • Rekha Tuesday 08th, 2020 pm30 08:27 pm Sir JCB fake lottery on line lottery whtapp I give to money to 7000 please help me lwork from house mad please
  • Chintan gajera Wednesday 23rd, 2020 pm30 07:30 pm Muje Mera pess nhi milahe Kiya paresan ho gayahu Tamara menejar pess magrahe he.. to Meri Yelp karo na yar
  • Mukesh kumar Sunday 15th, 2020 pm30 04:48 pm Mukesh kumar
  • PARBHUDEV Monday 14th, 2020 pm31 07:28 pm Kaise final hoga main parbhudev
  • Kersi Antia Sunday 20th, 2020 pm31 12:04 pm To claim lottery KBC website help line No. Is asking for 15000 Rs
  • Surajkumar Saturday 06th, 2021 pm28 02:58 pm Hi
  • mr vindhyachal ojha Thursday 11th, 2021 pm28 06:18 pm sir iwon 25 lakhs .but idont understand how i claim my winning priz

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